about me, Sar

Fashion, design, and sustainability have been driving forces in my life for as long as I can remember. Thrift stores have always been my go-to for “new” clothes, even when I wouldn’t admit it to my friends in middle school. As an adult working in the design industry for years, I saw first-hand the sense of entitlement that trends created, and the constant division between who could keep up with those trends and who couldn’t. The seriousness around art was something I always found to be unnecessary, myself being a person who has always tried to find the funny or playful side of things. What I don’t find funny though, is that 92 million tons of waste is created every year by the fashion industry to maintain these ever changing trends. This is not something that our planet can sustain, and there’s simply no need for this to be happening. I knew that I could be doing more to combat these things, and that I needed to become a part of the solution instead of continuing to contribute to the problem.
In 2023 I changed gears and decided to embark on a journey that incorporated my love of fashion and design, and my passion for sustainability. In a world where overconsumption is all around us, I wanted to create a brand that embraced “reuse” and broke the mold of what we consider fashion to be. Slow Pokes is meant to show that both fashion and art can be fun and approachable, without contributing to fashion waste. At the end of the day, I’d rather put smiles on faces than be the hottest trend; I think we all need more of that.